Apologeticum Astronomiae

-969Days -18Hours -49Minutes -9Seconds

If you’ve made it so you cant see the stars, you’ve done yourself a disservice – Santa Jim Jackson

I’m explaining that I am a novice astronomer and that some my use of astronomy in War and Vegetables  is artistic license, and incongruous for effect. The order in which the events in the book occur are accurate per month, but not per year. Some of the events would not happen in succession in the same year but do occur in the months that they are presented in different years.
I think a book where the year jumps around according to astronomical events would be a lot of fun; The events as time signatures indicating flashbacks and flash-forwards. I however, am not the writer interested in doing that.  At least not right now. Maybe some genius will steal the idea from me, if it has not already been done.
So, for Dr. Tyson, and/ or any purists, sorry. It’s not out of disinterest or disrespect.
Try to have a really good day anyhow. 🙂